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Thank you for considering Kountry Wood Products for your cabinetry needs.

                           Our family-owned business was founded on the basic philosophy of building a quality
                           product, selling it at a reasonable price, delivering it on time, and providing excellent
                           customer service. We valued the heritage of our country which made it such a good place
                           to call home and brought that heritage into an American owned and made company.

                           For over 20 years, Kountry Wood has held true to these principles while manufacturing

                           stock kitchen, bathroom and other household cabinetry in Nappanee, Indiana - the
                           heartland of America. We take this history seriously by continuing to provide jobs to
                           American workers in our community and by purchasing materials from local suppliers.

                           We are Americans making and selling American cabinets - cabinets that truly are worth
                           owning. We hope that you find our products to be the right choice for you.


                           Ola Yoder

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